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Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In Hot Weather

posted Jan 1, 2018, 5:26 AM by Silvio Vincini   [ updated Jan 1, 2018, 5:35 AM ]

Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In Hot Weather (Motorcycle Techniques)


For those with a real passion when it comes to riding motorcycles, the weather is not a restriction as to whether it’s hot or cold. Motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride on those breathtaking highways, roads and turns that make their journey adventurous and memorable. However, riding in hot temperatures can be uncomfortable. In this blog post, we will share some motorcycle techniques that can be used to stay cool while riding in hot weather. These techniques are shared by professional motorcycle riders with years of experience.

motorcycle riding hot weather

  1. Sweating is good for the body: Do you know what happens when we sweat or why we sweat? The fact is that our body regulates its temperature by sweating. This sweat is basically evaporated water that comes out on the surface of the skin in hot weather after the body cools down. Our bodies use energy in the form of heat for the evaporation process and when the heat is released by our body, we become cool. Because of this, you should wear clothes that allow proper ventilation and protects you from the sun. You may experience this sweat while waiting at traffic lights but remember, you will be thankful as you will feel refreshed later.
  2. Keep your speed low in high heat: When the heat is very high, it is advisable to keep your motorcycle speed low, which is another motorcycle riding technique for hot weather.  When you ride fast in hot temperature, more heat will enter your body. To bring sweat you may need to wear more clothes. Yes, you may find it counterintuitive, but this is true. More clothes will lead to more sweat and thereafter, your body will feel cool through evaporation.
  3. Clothes to be preferred in hot weather: Professional motorcycle riders and even some bike riding trainers in Perth recommend wearing full sleeved, tight fitted shirts made of moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric absorbs very little water and therefore, allows the sweat to be evaporated easily instead of absorbing it like cotton. This will help keep your body cool in hot temperatures and weather conditions.
  4. Stay hydrated: Most motorbike riders (hopefully) are aware of the importance to stay hydrated when riding, regardless of the weather. Everyone knows how much water is required by their body during high temperatures.  For this, carry a water bag on your back. Fill it with ice and water and get drinking. For those travelling long distances, make sure to carry extra water in your side case like gallon jug, insulated water bottles, for example. Another thing is to is to go for a regular urine test. If your body is dehydrated, you will enjoy your time while riding in hot weather. Deep-coloured urine and regular headaches are signs of dehydration. Water means water, try not to choose an alternative
  5. Avoid Tar Snakes: Tar snakes are a big threat to both vehicles and riders. These tar-like snakes can be found on the roads, used to fill the cracks and when the temperature is hot, this material becomes too slippery to be crossed upon. So, it is highly advisable for all bike riders to avoid them. To avoid slipping, cross them at an angle of 90 degrees in an upright position just like a railway track. If your front tyre begins sliding, try reducing your speed. Do not accelerate, stay in your lane, keep your head up and body steady and hold your grip lightly. You can also pull the clutch, ensuring that front wheel is clear and then re-engage the engine. This will protect you from slipping.
motorcycle riding techniques

To conclude, dress properly, cover your skin, hydrate your body and avoid hazards. Wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to avoid any sunburn.  Covering your body in hot temperatures will keep your body chilled. For any more suggestions, tips or bike riding lessons, contact us today!

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