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I felt exhausted and weak, when I went to bed very early one night.

posted Jul 3, 2017, 6:38 AM by Silvio Vincini
Ridvan Hadzic, 18.05.2017.
I felt exhausted and weak, when I went to bed very early one night. I felt so worn out and in one instant thought, is this how I'll “kick the bucket”? Without even trying to tick off things of my bucket list? Wait? What is THE FIRST THING ON MY BUCKET LIST? RIDING MOTORCYCLE AGAIN! 
Two days later, I owned second hand Kawasaki EX 250, 2006, and the entire safety gear and clothes. Now I only needed LICENSE. I JUST TURNED 55 years old. I haven’t ridden motorbike for 37 years. Here and there I would hope on, but as soon I mentioned possibility of getting back onto motorbike, my wife would said NO, pointing DEATH TOLL and AGE GROUP – middle aged men, that I belong to, as highest at risk!
FINDINGI NSTRUCTOR WAS VERY EASY for $80 dollars an hour. I explained that I have had 37 years break, and because of my age and advancement in motorcycle engineering I would like to be trained, as ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. 
After awhile, I have noticed no progress, and instead of growing in confidence I was less and less secure. Sometimes I would be perfect, sometimes absolute looser. Meanwhile I have spent more than 25 hours riding accompanied with my friend, and about equally that many hours doing figure 8 on the grass in my backyard and slalom in the driveway. But instructor wasn’t confident that I would pass. After my request I went for practical test and failed with 5 and 1/4 point. 
THE REST IS FAIRY TALE. My instructor says that he is going on very long vacation and when I asked until when he replied till the 3rd. THAT WAS 5 WEEKS! And I spent 2 and half months having lessons once and sometimes twice a week. As I wasn’t taught anything new I decided to find another instructor and continue training until I pass, or my “old” instructor comes back from vacation. Reading testimonials I find out about Silvio. I organised first lesson. HE WAS CHEAPER FOR $10. 
We rode for awhile and stopped and he told me that I am doing pretty much EVERYTHING WRONG. Just when I felt LOW on myself he asked me to follow him while he was explaining POSITIONING, AWARENESS, SAFE DISTANCE, HEAD TURNING, SEING and finally in the car park PROPER TECHNIQUE FOR “U” TURN. I was REBORN! It was exactly the same like in the DOCUMENTATION AND SAFE DRIVING FROM THE GOVERNMENT. 
Week later I came again for another lesson, and he complimented me for my efforts in individual training for he could see boost in my motorbike handling techniques and safety. Than he said that I DON’T NEED ANOTHER LESSON, BUT TO ORGANISE DRIVING TEST TO GET MY LICENSE, for I am ready. Unfortunately, I could not organise any test in City West, or Willagee, where he works from but in Joondalup and since “my” instructor was on long vacation I went with my motorcycle and friend as a shadow. I FAILED IN WHAT I WAS THE STRONGEST – “U” TURN, and quit further testing. First time I stalled the engine, second and third time I went across the line. Than I turned the engine off, laughed hysterically and apologised and quit. Ten minutes later I was doing “U” turn and “figure 8” in the same spot PERFECTLY! My friend, with the same bike as mine couldn’t do it! 
Driving around day later I saw “my” instructor working with another student and called him for another lesson. That is when I learned that he was on ONE WEEK LONG VACATION, and not five as I understood. On that first lesson he noticed and even warned me about my positioning! Without admitting I was with Silvio I simply quoted everything from the books issued by government intended for learners. After that lesson I have organised another driving test and passed for R-E License. I rode with it 10000 km in two years and didn’t need anything more.
Immediately, I called Silvio, and had one lesson to refresh the knowledge and on second he complimented me on my effort to rectify everything he pointed out the first time saying that I am ready for the test. On the day of my driving test he noticed that I am getting nervous, as the testing time approaches, what I have admitted and he calmed me down and helped me boost my confidence. I HAVE PASSED IN THE FIRST TRY. That was first practical driving test I have passed on first try in my life and I am 57 years old. 
If you have read all of this, I would like to turn your attention to the moment when I said FINDINGI NSTRUCTOR WAS VERY EASY, and trust me that is true. But finding GOOD INSTRUCTOR is harder. Thanks God THERE IS SILVIO!
Thank you Silvio.

Ridvan Hadzic, 18.05.2017