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In my experience, as everyone learns at a different pace, 8 to 10 hours for a beginner and an average of 4 to 6 hours for those with bike experience.

What are the requirements for my practical test?
The practical test will take approximately 30 minutes, during this time you will be leading the ride with the accessor. You will receive directions from the assessor via a Bluetooth communication system.

You will be accessed on:

  • 2 compulsory requirements of "U" Turn & Emergency Stop
  • How well you comply with the road craft guidelines
  • Bike handling skills.
  • To pass, your error/s must not exceed 3¾ points.

I have many years of riding experience; can I have your bike for my practical test, and maybe an hour lesson before?
The chances of passing your test are virtually NIL if the guidelines are not followed. As a precautionary measure, it is recommendable to spend at least 1 hour, about a week before your test so you and the instructor can validate your level of preparation.

I have a learner's permit. Can I ride my bike unsupervised?
No. You need to be shadowed by a person that has an equivalent or higher class license with 4 years experience. He/she can also be a pillow.

Do you provide a refreshment course, as I already have a license but have not been riding for a long time?
Yes, the refreshment course usually takes 2 hours and I will address the following:-

On road safety
  • Proper use of the front brake
  • How to turn the bike into limited spaces
  • Basic mechanical maintenance
  • General riding procedures.
You can view it here: Motorcycle Refresher Course 

Do you think it is safe to learn as I will be a very nervous beginner?
Yes. I have trained many beginners. Providing you are patient, I have a safe procedure in place and together we will meet the requirements.

Do you provide advanced riding courses?
No, for safety reasons, advanced riding courses can only be held in specialized venues.

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