Motorcycle School: Refresher Course

Like riding a bike, riding a motorcycle is a muscle you definitely have to flex. Like any skill, there is a required amount of time and attention one needs to give to achieve consistent results.

As a motorcycle school, MTWS provides a refresher course to anyone looking to get back on the bike and hit the open road. The purpose of this course is to review your current skill level, reinforce your techniques and further enhance your existing knowledge and skills on a motorcycle.

From this course, we will provide advice on the correct use of riding a motorbike and ensure you are a safe, aware and skilled rider. Our motorcycle instructors will rectify any bad habits you may have picked up along the way and help you refresh your skills and regain your confidence on a motorcycle.

motorcycle school

What Are The Benefits?

First and foremost, we are trained professional in motorcycle riding, and will greatly improve your skills on a bike. Our motorcycle instructors at MTWS are professional experts in the field with a riding experience of over 40 years. They all are well qualified and hold relevant licenses from the Department of transport (DOT) for providing motorcycle lessons.

In addition, this course will ensure you as a rider are up to date with all the relevant changes and provide the required training so you have the confidence and skills to get back to your best. 

Whether we are training beginners or experienced riders, you are 100% safe. We adhere to all the safety conditions that are mandatory for our riders. Your safety is our number one concern as we want you to regain your skills and ride safely throughout your training and beyond. View our Resources page for more information on safety techniques. 

Motorcycle Training Perth

Our refresher course is an advanced program that allows you to go from riding a 250cc and moving to a 700cc in the same lesson. We will touch upon fundamental skills to sharpen your knowledge such as slow speed controls, use of brakes, counter-steering, and more. 

In addition to our refresher course, we specialise in professional motorcycle lessons in Perth for learners. We assure that we will meet your expectations and make you a skilled motorcycle rider, again!