Motorcycle Service for Second Hand Bikes

When in the process of purchasing a second-hand motorcycle, it's very important to get a second opinion from an expert motorcycle instructor BEFORE you buy your motorbike privately or from a dealer.

At MTWS, we provide motorcycle consultation services to assess the motorbike before it has been purchased. We will assess whether the motorbike is healthy and worth the price it is being sold for.

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Why Should I Get My Motorcycle Checked Before Purchase?

As with anything, it helps to get a second-hand opinion. Buying a second-hand motorcycle can turn out to be a costly affair if you are unsure what to look for. Here is how we will help you:

Save Money: In essence, the thought of a newly purchased motorcycle can be exciting, so much so that the importance of the price becomes less and less apparent. When purchasing a second-hand bike you want to be saving money, as much as possible. After we assess the standard of the motorcycle, we can either confirm the price is worth it or inform you the selling price is too high. Even for someone with riding experience, you may miss one of two important make or break factors when buying a second-hand bike. However, as professionals, we know exactly what to look for and can spot the smallest problems.

Save Time: When you get your motorcycle assessed by professionals, we will tell you exactly what is wrong or faulty with the bike. Having a bike assessed by a friend or yourself might be challenging because it's easy to get confused as to what the problem is, and where the problem is coming from. After doing this countless times, we are highly experienced in detecting problems and can take less than half the time to identify the cause and the solution to getting it fixed. If you looking to save time and money, you at the right place. 

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What We Look Out For

There are a number of factors we assess from the beginning, some of them are as follows:

Physical Appearance: We will assess the physical structure of the motorcycle and look for dents, bends, rust, scratches or any marks. Cracks on a motorcycle can be an issue that is not easily seen, especially on a motorcycle with a carbon build. 
Brakes: We will perform a check on the brakes of the motorcycle, both the front and rear. This is done by squeezing the callipers instead of pulling the levers. If they spring back when squeezed, it's a good sign. 
Headset: We will check the headset simultaneously with the brakes. When moving the bike back and forth, we will apply brakes listening out for a knocking noise. If the sound is apparent, it is the sign of a loose headset which indicates the motorcycle may not have been looked after properly. 
Alignment: The alignment of the motorcycle is extremely important. When performing a test ride, we will look out for any sort of wobbling, if the motorcycle wobbles there is a high chance it is out of alignment. 

In addition, we will take the motorcycle for a test ride and conduct a full analysis of the current condition. The cost for our motorcycle service consultation is $150 (must be paid in advance). Book a consultation service here
At MTWS, we provide professional motorcycle lessons in Perth. Being experts in the field, we have trained a high number of students who are now riding their bikes safely on the roads today. Book your lesson now!