Motorcycle Training Perth 

Motorcycle Training is conducted for the following classes:

Motorcycle training is ultimately the key for any motorbike learner looking to gain experience and knowledge on the road. Likewise, for those who already have experience on a motorcycle, I can take your skills from intermediate to advanced. As a qualified motorcycle training instructor in Perth with over 40 years of riding experience, I understand the importance of safety when training, as well as building confidence in the beginning stages when riding a motorcycle can seem daunting.

The goal of motorcycle training is simple, to help make you a better rider. As a qualified motorcycle trainer, I teach the same techniques to all my students. For beginners, it's important to take your time, try to remain calm and focused, and really get to know your bike. This will help avoid mistakes early on and you will, therefore, begin to feel comfortable on two wheels. 

motorcycle training perth

What Does Motorcycle Training Involve?

As a 1 on 1 motorcycle trainer, I will provide a clear introduction to the motorcycle, beginning with the controls. Some of the basics include accelerating and shifting gears, body position, operations of all controls, techniques between street riding and track, vision and turning techniques.

One of the fundamental lessons to master early on is the motorcycle controls. It’s highly important to familiarize yourself with the controls even before riding. The reason being is simple; riding a motorcycle will often require you to think and act quickly. For those who are not familiar with the controls, this can be challenging and therefore lead to a dangerous situation.

Generally, the controls are as follows:

  • The hand clutch lever is generally located on the left handlebar and is used to disengage the power from the rear wheel when shifting gears.
  • The gear shifter is generally located by the left foot and is used to shift one gear up or down while pulling the clutch lever.
  • The throttle, which is used to accelerate, is located on the right handlebar. The handbrake is the lever on the right handlebar which applies the brakes to the front wheel.
  • The lever on the right side of the bike near your foot works the rear brake.
  • As a general rule, the left side of your motorcycle controls gears, while the right-side controls acceleration and braking.

motorcycle training

Through the motorcycle lessons, participants will learn all the basic skills necessary to get on the track in the safest, most enjoyable way possible. In addition to our videos and resources, the techniques taught at MTWS will improve your handling and your confidence level and ultimately prepare you for your test.

Motorcycle Training Perth Licenses

The motorcycle training consists of four different types of licenses, they are:

Motorcycles Up To 650cc (RE License)

You can apply for an R-E class learner’s permit at 16 years of age and take your practical assessment at 16 years and 6 months and then take your hazard perception assessment at 17 years of age.

Motorcycle Training Perth Description:

  • Minimum of 1 hour
  • $ 70/HOUR
  • Suzuki 125 GSX provided

On the day of your PDA: Bookings are a minimum of 2 hours. The first hour will be to refresh the training. Second hour for your Practical Riding Test.

Motorcycles Over 650cc (R Unrestricted)

You can apply for your R class learner’s permit immediately after passing your R-E assessment but not take the R class assessment until one year after passing your R-E class.

Motorcycle Training Perth Description:

  • minimum of 1 hour
  • $ 80/hour
  • Honda NC700 provided
honda nc700

Scooters 50cc (RN License)

You can apply for an R-N class learner’s permit at 15 years and 6 months of age (with parent’s permission).

Scooter Training description:

  • $70 hr. (when you come to the meeting location)
  • If I come to your place it will be for a minimum of 90min training
  • $110 for 90min.
  • Scooter NOT Provided

Scooters 125cc (RE-A License)

Scooter Training description:

  • $70 hr.( If you come to the meeting location)
  • 90-minute minimum Training when I come to your place tot. $110
  • Scooter NOT provided

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